hotel edelweiss historia

The marriage of Román Batlle and Enriqueta Rodríguez de Lacín commissioned the architect Salvador Comas and the builder Pedro Pareras to construct this modernist villa.

The house came to be known as «Vil·la Enriqueta» and was inhabited by the owners as a summer residence. The property «Vil·la Enriqueta» was acquired by Eduardo Moret Abelló and Teresa Ros Riera, who developed and designed the botanical garden and changed the name of the property to «Torre Edelweiss.»


hotel edelweiss historia

The house is purchased by Adrianus Wilhenlmus Wender-Put Vermeules, a naturist and writer, and Rosalía Bergara, both of Dutch nationality.


hotel edelweiss historia

The Vil·la Enriqueta was purchased by the two brothers Montferrer Salomón.


hotel edelweiss historia

Antonio Gazo Fuster and Francesca Comas Boluda become the new owners of the property, who proceeded with the total restoration of the house between the years 1992 and 1996, turning it into the regular residence of the family.

The Edelweiss villa is classified as a local point of interest.


The Edelweiss house transitions from being a residential space to opening its doors as a hotel, restaurant, and business center. The villa is now open to visitors who come to share experiences in a magical environment.